Off-the-shelf digital resources

iNNovative! excitiNg! fresh!

YoUr goal :

To develop learner language skills with fantastic resources that they will love!

OUR goal :

To make that as easy as possible with accessible and adaptable materials that are bang up to date. We put engagement, fun and learning at the heart of everything we do.

BoNjoUr! I’M ANN RobertsoN

foUnder of LiNgobox

The lingo box story

I love seeing the positive impact languages can make on young lives.  Through all my experiences, from language teacher to advisor, it has become my professional mission to help as many children as possible to experience the opportunities and advantages that language learning brings.  Having led the development of primary language learning in four Scottish Local Authorities, including producing full resource kits and leading staff development, I’ve spent much of my professional life working directly with teachers and finding out what works best for them.  All of this rich experience coupled with my love of languages has led to me creating Lingobox!

My experience has taught me that whilst teachers absolutely want to give their learners the best language learning experiences they possibly can, having the confidence, time and knowledge to teach languages is often a challenge.  I created Lingobox to offer teachers and schools a solution and to develop an easy to use, off-the-shelf language learning experience which would help teachers to teach languages regardless of their own level or experience.

All of our bespoke resources have been created with high quality learning and teaching at their heart, always seeking to be creative, progressive and engaging for learners.  You’ll find easy to use activities, complete with audio recordings and translation and packed with innovative ideas and  exciting activities.  Our interactive videos, songs and games will keep your class active as they build real language skills.  Each activity also comes with a target language instructions video, creating a more immersive learning experience, super charging learning and boosting literacy skills.

Our professional development materials give you the support you need to build your confidence and skills in both language and pedagogy.  Our workshops and courses provide indepth learning as well as being packed full of simple but effective ideas for the classroom.

Lingobox is designed to be perfect for home use too: great for families who want to explore a new language and culture together!

Whether you’re a primary teacher who’s looking to build confidence in teaching a new language, or a secondary teacher on the hunt for new ideas, Lingobox has it all!

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Looking for 1:1 support with language resources development, policy and strategy, or teacher training? Do you have an idea for a resource which you'd like us to create?

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what teachers say

It's like a breath of fresh air!

There is a clear progression of practical resources that are very pupil and teacher-friendly. The materials are bright, fun, accessible and engaging. Teachers are able to select and adapt resources to suit their own school context.

Eileen Unwin, Primary Teacher, East Lothian

language learning children schools



language learning children schools


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