Tu t’appelles comment? Quiz!

This French, Tu t’appelles comment quiz for kids allows learners to practise their French, have fun and learn new skills!

What is it? 

  • This French, Tu t’appelles comment quiz for kids allows learners to practise their French, have fun and learn new skills!
  • This fun activity requires learners to listen to the short animated clips and choose the correct name. This is a great activity for consolidating reading, listening to and saying the questions and answers for saying your name. It also supports developing phonics by listening to the French names and then linking them to the written form.
  • Learners could work as a whole class, in groups, in pairs or individually to answer the questions.
  • If working in cooperative groups, teachers could give learners time to confer for each question and then write down the group’s answer, copying the answer from the board. You could then count do three before all groups show their answer. As a further extension, groups could also shout out the name in their best French accents! Each group could then receive a point for the correct answer.
  • The clips in this activity were made using the free app, Chatterpix. You could use this or a different animation app/software as a follow up activity, asking children to choose a character or animal, give it a name and then record its answer. E.g. Je m’appelle Sophie etc. The French names activity could also help with choosing a name.

Who is it for? 

User-friendly features, make this activity an ideal choice for busy teachers and parents alike.

As a primary teacher, you’ll appreciate the resource’s alignment with the curriculum, ensuring a seamless integration into your lesson plans. For global educators, our French name activity provides a valuable asset for language development in diverse classrooms.

Parents of young children will find joy in supporting their little ones as they choose a French name for themselves.

Secondary French teachers can leverage this resource as a supplementary tool, injecting a dose of festive French culture into their classrooms.

How to access this fantastic resource! 

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