Tu t’appelles comment? Lingobox Crew!

Find out the names of the Lingobox Crew with this fun Tu t’appelles comment activity!

This is a great activity for practicing how to ask and answer the question, “Tu t’appelles comment?” *(What is your name? in French!).   The names of the Lingobox Crew are also shared in the  Tu t’appelles comment? Song.

This makes this activity a perfect way to develop learning along with the song!

You could use this in a number of different ways.  A couple of examples are provided below:

  1. Memory game
  • Ask learners to choose the different characters and listen to their names.
  • Split the class into two teams and ask them to say the name of different characters, using the phrase Je m’appelle to help them.
  • Each team can get a point for every person they get right!

2.  Guess who: 

  • Ask for a volunteer to come to the front.
  • Tell all other children to close their eyes (you can use the French Classroom Verb Vocabulary Board to help you with saying Fermez les yeux and Ouvrez les yeux!).
  • Whilst everyone has their eyes closed, the voluteer chooses a character so everyone can hear their name.  They can play it more than once by clicking on the blue play button beside each animation.
  • They should then close the selected character so that all are now showing and ask the class to open their eyes again (Ouvrez les yeux!).
  • The other pupils then have to say who the volunteer chose.  Whoever gets it right, gets to choose next!

3. Match the names 

  • Working in groups, ask learners to write down the names of all the characters on separate bits of paper.   You can present them one by one to help them to do this.  Otherwise the names are:

Roco, Zoro, Lolo, Kiki, Saucisson, Sophie, Nina, Kanan, Kia, Martin, Léon and Jacques.

  • Then ask them to put the names of each of the characters in order  as they appear on the board.
  • Check their answers by getting them to read out Je m’appelle + the names in the correct order.

4. Create a class name board 

Finally, you could also create your own class version of this board with videos and text.   Our Lingobox version is made with a website called, Genially. This is available for free and so you could create your own class version of the same board but with members of your class saying their name in French  (Je m’appelle) + either Enchanté (for boys) or Enchantée (for girls).

Alternatively, you could do something similar using any presentation websites or software such as Canva,   Microsoft Powerpoint or Explain Everything!

You can also ask your learners to come up with a game idea!  I’m sure they will be full of fantastic ideas!