Plan a virtual trip to the French Olympics

Plan a virtual trip to the French Olympics with this engaging and easy-to-use activity pack!

How to use this pack

You can use this package in a range of ways differentiated to your learners’ needs.  Here’s a suggested step-by-step progression through using this package.

  • Most supported: Use the support pack and ask learners to tick off /circle their choices of where to stay / what to eat etc.
  • Follow this up by asking learners to use the support sheet to then create their own sentences.
  • Add a reseach element by asking learners to research places in Paris, foods they would like to eat etc.
  • Learners could go onto create a presentation of a trip to Paris. This can be developed around the sentences we’ve scaffolded in the resource package and in the downloadable support pack.

Each slide in this package scaffolds different sentences about a trip to Paris.  These are all written with Je vais + a verb   = meaning I am going + to do something.  E.g:

Je vais loger = I am going to stay

Je vais manger = I am going to eat

Je vais visiter = I am going to visit  etc.

Audio files are included throughout along with images and child-friendly explanations.

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Who is this Plan a virtual trip to the French Olympics! activity pack for?

User-friendly features, make this activity an ideal choice for busy teachers and parents alike.

Designed for primary and elementary teachers in Scotland, the UK, and beyond.

Pitched perfectly for primary-aged learners who are learning French.

Parents of young children will love this great tool for home-learning!

Secondary French teachers can also use this French resource as a supplemenSi,ple tary tool.  Great for exploring French culture, language and phonics.

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