Make a French Easter Card

Learn how to make a French Easter Card with this easy-to-follow video!

This is a great support resource for exploring both Easter and some unfamiliar language and for children to work out the meaning.

It is intentionally repetitive to allow maximum exposure to key verbs and nouns.

Simply watch and follow along.   You can also check the English translations by clicking on the Translation button.  Here you’ll find a complete transcript with all the translations as well as some of the key phrases.

How to use this Make a French Easter Card resoure

This video resource pack is designed to support introducing and referring back to Easter vocabulary in French.

It’s structured around Easter and drawing nouns and simple instructional key verbs.

The text is all in French to maximise learning and exposure to language.

The complete English translation and transcript is also provided to support learni

We recommend using this resource along with our Easter Activities in French Lingobox!

We recommend the following approaches for different levels of learners:

Early Level:  Early levels learners can simply watch and listen along, guessing what is being drawn on the card.  You can also copy and use the phrase Joyeuses Pâques with children.

First Level/KS1/

Second Level/KS2: 

Watch the video, follow and make your own Easter cards in French.  As you discuss the video, highlight:

Cher when we’re writing to a boy e.g. Cher David

Chère when we’re writing to a girl.  e.g. Chère Emilie.

You can also send the cards to other classes, other schools or to local partners such as care homes.

You’ll find vocabulary to support with making cards in our French Easter Vocabulary support pack here.

Who is it for? 

User-friendly features, make this activity an ideal choice for busy teachers and parents alike.

Designed for primary and elementary teachers in Scotland, the UK, and beyond.

Pitched perfectly for young primary-aged learners who are new to learning French.

Parents of young children will love this great tool for home-learning!

Secondary French teachers can also use this French resource as a supplementary tool.  Great for exploring French culture, language and phonics.

How to access this fantastic resource! 

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