Je m’appelle Conversation Cards

This French, Je m’appelle Conversation Cards activity for kids enables young learners to:

  • Create their own French support resources
  • Begin to explore writing
  • Listen to and read French target language instructions
  • Scaffold talking activities
  • Have fun and learn new skills

Learn to say your name in French

  • These Je m’appelle Conversation Cards  are a great way to build learners’ confidence in listening to and understanding a range of language.  They also provide a handy support resource for talking and revisiting learning over time! 
  • The “Je m’appelle Colouring in cards” and “Conversation Cards” packs are available in the download area of the Saying your name Lingobox.
  • Watch the video and ask learners to work out what they have to do. Don’t worry about understanding everything as just listening, reading and engaging with language in this way (comprehensible input), supports progression over time.
  • Ask learners to choose a picture from the “Je m’appelle colouring in” cards. Some blank cards are also inlcuded.
  • Choose a French name from the French name activity pack. You could also just use learners’ own first names.
  • Ask learners to then write their own or their French name onto their image sheet.
  • You can then make this into a lanyard/flipchart/file which the children keep and can refer back to. This helps with regular revisiting of language (e.g. saying Je m’appelle… during the morning register) and in turn, helps with retention. It also provides a useful prompt sheet for other games and short conversations in class.
  • These sheets also appear in other topic areas about self such as age, birthday etc. You can build these up bit by bit over time to both demonstrate and support progression.

Young learners of French love it.

User-friendly features, make these Je m’appelle Conversation Cards is an ideal choice for busy teachers and parents alike.

As a primary teacher, you’ll appreciate the resource’s alignment with the curriculum, ensuring a seamless integration into your lesson plans. For global educators, our French name activity provides a valuable asset for language development in diverse classrooms.

Parents of young children will find joy in supporting their little ones as they choose a French name for themselves.

Perfectly pitched for mid to upper primary (Level 1 , P3/4) – Scotland  (Key stage 1) – England.

Secondary French teachers can leverage this resource as a supplementary tool, injecting a dose of festive French culture into their classrooms.

How to access this fantastic Je m’appelle resource! 

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