Make a French Crown

Follow the instructions in French to make a crown!  No glue required! Perfect for children and young learners of French!

This is an activity with all of the instructions in French.  This is a great way to learn more French by decoding words, making links and retrieving previous learning and using context clues like the images to help work out meaning.

There is repetition throughout using a lot of the same key verbs, nouns and prepositions. These include:

Prenez – Take

Coupez – Cut

Pliez – fold

Dessinez – draw

le carton = the cardboard

des ciseaux  = scissors

les lignes – the lines

les cercles – the circles

l’autre côté – the other side

A full downloadable transcript is also provided – just click on the translation button!

We recommend using this with children and young learners by just letting them watch, listen and follow along to start with.  You can pause the video and complete each step as you create the crown with the children.  Ask them to work out the meaning as you go, discussing any words / phrases you and they recognise.   Activities like these are about the exposure to the language so don’t worry overly about understanding everything and every word.


Once you’ve made the crowns, you can wear them as part of your Epiphany celebrations!