French Halloween Song for Children

Learn lots of spooky vocabulary with this fun, French Halloween song for children!

This easy, sing-along French Halloween Song for children is a great addition to learning about Halloween and linking it to French!

The perfect way for children and young learners to learn a French song and learn some spooky language at the same time! 

What is it?

This is one of our most popular songs and kids (and adults!) absolutely love it!

The song is designed to be postive and affirmative! It focuses on saying “I’m not scared!” Je n’ai pas peur.

The lyrics are provided below:



C’est l’Halloween                  It’s Halloween

Je n’ai pas peur                    I’m not scared

Non, non, non, non               No, no, no, no

Allons-y !                               Let’s go !


Je n’ai pas peur                    I’m not afraid

Non, non, non                       No, no, no

Je n’ai, je n’ai, je n’ai pas peur.               I’m not, I’m not, I’m not afraid!


les sorcières                         witches

les vampires                         vampires

les chauves-souris                bats


les grenouilles                       frogs

les souris                              mice

les citrouilles                         pumpkins


les loups                               wolves

les hiboux                             owls

les fantômes                         ghosts


les monstres                         monsters

les chats                               cats

les squelettes                        skeletons


les araignées                        spiders

les zombies                           zombies

l’Halloween                           Halloween

Who is it for?

Perfect for children, schools, families and adults who are learning French!

User-friendly features, make this activity an ideal choice for busy teachers and parents alike.

As a primary teacher, you’ll appreciate this song’s alignment with the curriculum, ensuring a seamless integration into your lesson plans. For global educators, our French Halloween song provides a valuable asset for language development in diverse classrooms.

Parents of young children will find joy in supporting their little ones as they sing along and learn about Halloween in French.

Secondary French teachers can use this resource as a supplementary tool to enhance .  A fun way to introduce or consolidate learning of space and French!

How to use this song

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