French Classroom Objects Song!

Learn the classroom objects in French with this fun and catchy song! Perfect for children learning French!

This song is a great way to introduce or practise asking for objects in class.

You can use this to support building confidence in asking the question:
“Excuse-moi, est-ce que tu as…?   (Excuse me, do you have…?

Try an active version by asking children to hold up the different objects as they hear them.
This in a effective way of developing learners’ familiarity with language before singing along.

The lyrics are below and also downloadable within the resource.

French Classroom Objects Song Lyrics


Excuse-moi! – Excuse me  

Est-ce que tu as…?  – Do you have ?  

Un stylo, une gomme ou un taille-crayon?  –   A pen, a rubber or a pencil sharpener ?  


Verse 1

Tu as une règle?  – Do you have a ruler?  

Tu as un crayon?Do you have a pencil? 

Tu as de la colle?Do you have some glue?

Tu as une gomme?Do you have a rubber? 

Verse 2  

Tu as une tablette ?  – Do you have a tablet?  

Tu as un stylo ? –  Do you have  a pen?  

Tu as un livre ? –  Do you have a book?  

Tu as des ciseaux ?Do you have some scissors ? 


Verse 3

Tu as une trousse ? –   Do you have a pencil case?   

Tu as du papier ?Do you have some paper?   
Tu as des feutres ? –   Do you have any felt tip pens ? 

Tu as un cahier ?Do you have a notebook ? 


Verse 1 is repeated again at the end of the song!