French Christmas song for children with numbers 1 – 30

This easy, sing-along French Christmas song for children is based on Jingle Bells in French (Vive le vent) wiht the French numbers 1 to 30!

Vive le Vent Jingle Bells in French Christmas song for children! 

What is it?

Learn the French version of everyone’s favourite Christmas song for children, Jingle Bells | Vive le vent – with this easy-to-learn sing-along version for children and young learners of French!

The song has the traditional chorus but counts through the numbers 1 to 30 in French during each verse. This means that it is easier than the full traditional version to learn for children and young learners.

This is a great way to learn the French numbers 1 to 31 as well as celebrating Christmas!

Why not learn the song, add some actions and perform it at your end of year school concerts and assemblies?  Fantastic for learning the French version of Jingle Bells (Vive le vent) and the numbers 1 to 30!

Who is it for?

Perfect for children, schools, families and adults who are learning French!

User-friendly features, make this activity an ideal choice for busy teachers and parents alike.

As a primary teacher, you’ll appreciate the resource’s alignment with the curriculum, ensuring a seamless integration into your lesson plans. For global educators, our French name activity provides a valuable asset for language development in diverse classrooms.

Parents of young children will find joy in supporting their little ones as they choose a French name for themselves.

Secondary French teachers can leverage this resource as a supplementary tool, injecting a dose of festive French culture into their classrooms.


How to use this song

All the song lyrics are below:

Vive le vent – Long live the wind

Vive le vent d’hiver – Long live the winter wind

Qui s’en va = Which goes

Sifflant = Whistling

Soufflant = Blowing

Dans les grands sapins verts = In the tall green Christmas trees

Vive le temps – Long live the weather

Vive le temps d’hiver – Long live the winter weather

Boule de neige = Snowball

Et jour de l’an = And New Year’s Day

Et bonne année grand-mère = And Happy New Year, Gran!

Next steps for learning

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