Active Learn French Alphabet

Learn the French Alphabet with this active language presention for children!  It is the perfect way to introduce the French alphabet to your class.  Making the French alphabet fun and easy to learn!    An easy to follow, fun French activity for children!

What is it?

An easy-to-use learn the French Alphabet Active Presention for Children is a listening and reading activity where learners simply follow the instructions!  They’ll improve their French and learn the alphabet without realising that they are learning!

Our Learn the French Alphabet Active Presention for Children is a 4 minute video which gives all the instructions in French.    Just refer to the helpful translation below in case you need any extra support!

Who is it for? 

Our learn the French Alphabet Active Presention for Children is perfect for primary / elemtary school learners of French.  Parents and families,  your children will also love this fun and active activity!

Secondary learners of French will also enjoy this activity and can create their own examples for further challenge!

Primary teachers and elementary educators love using this activity with their children as part of their festive French learning!

A fun, active and engaging way of learning the alphabet in French!

How to use

Simply watch the video, listen and complete the steps as you go!  The video is designed to repeat language along with actions, making it easy to follow and use.

This activity follows the CLIL principles of giving all the instructions in the target language.  Perfect your teaching practice and pedagogy and improve your language skills with this simple and effective French alphabet activity.

The video includes a full transcript of the vocabulary.  This provides support no matter your level of French!

The key target language phrases include:

Bonjour tout le monde! =  Hello everyone

Ecoutez et répétez = Listen and repeat

Copiez les actions = Copy the actions

Bravo tout le monde!  = Well done everyone

Depuis le début = From the beginning

Encore = Again

How to access this fantastic resource! 

You’ll be sure to to have a great time with your children as they develop their skills and learn the alphabet in French!

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